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Getting Started in 2018!

2018 is here and we already had the first class of the new year!  As always we look forward to training with our students and passing on the knowledge that was given to us by our Sifus.  We had a great time training back in Chicago with Sifu Guerman Atanassov, our...

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GGM Leung Ting seminar, San Antonio TX

We were so happy to see GGM Leung Ting in San Antonio this year, as well as our old Illinois crew!  The seminar was divided into three days and we covered a wide range of topics. The first day was the instructor seminar and we were happy to see Sifu...

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Wonder Woman Workshop August 25th!

Sifu Ana is teaching a Women's self defense workshop in conjunction with a Mary Kay event!  Free to attend for all Ladies aged 14+.  Sorry guys, you will have to sit this one out... unless you want to be one of our victims! 🙂

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Summer Training in Sozopol

We had a great time training in Sozopol, Bulgaria this summer with Master Stanislav Bagalev at the Black Sea!  We went over keeping out posture during fighting as well as keeping Wing Tsun principles while using knives and sticks as weapons.  We hope to attend this...

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Summer Break for training in Bulgaria

Tonight will be the last class for the next couple weeks as Sifu Ana and Sifu Eric will be in Bulgaria, training with Sifu Guerman from Wing Tsun Illinois and Sifu Bagalev, Master level and head of the Bulgarian EWTO section.  Can't wait to be on the Black Sea!...

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New Wing Tsun student passes his first test!

Congratulations to Michael Rasmussen who passed his first student level last weekend!  Michael trained very hard to accomplish 1st student level in only one month!  He is the first student at Wing Tsun California since the new school opened, and...

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Updated website and getting ready for opening!

Hey Everyone!  Sifu Eric here, just spending my time building this website to announce our new upcoming classes in Livermore CA.  You'll probably notice it's still under construction, but don't worry it will be all the way up and running soon :).  Just secured our...

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